Coach, Consultant, Mastermind, more.

I work with people who enjoy life in flow-state. People who want to create and enhance momentum and experience deliberately, by the moment and the topic.

I work with clients on-call in the following ways:

Affirm: Clients contact me when they want me to affirm a desire, experience. We don’t need to talk on the phone, although we can, my clients can simply message me with their request. I work for my clients this way until they are satisfied relative to their reason for contacting me. I also send my clients affirmations specific to their topic if they request it. This is an easy to use service while life is in motion. In my own experience, I have had positive results in simply asking someone to work for me in a deliberately aligned and affirming way. See details for more information.

Mastermind: Clients contact me when they want to have a mastermind conversation (on-the-spot or scheduled) relative to any topic or interest. Mastermind conversations are deliberately focused to enjoy and enhance currently tangible (and potential) leverage, ideas, attraction, and momentum.

Conversations focused in the zone Рthe zone of creative and inspired alignment Рthat can have powerful outcomes relative to specific topics and what happens next.

Mastermind calls last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes generally. Clients call me back to schedule or mastermind on-the-spot relative to the same topic or new topics of interest whenever they are inspired and I am available.

See details if you are interested.