My favorite thing is collaborating to create and enhance inspired momentum on any topic. I believe that there’s no end to the results that can flow, manifest, be realized and enjoyed in the zone. That phrase, I know, is thrown around a lot, but for a decade I have been studying it like a scientist, how we achieve it deliberately from any point on any map.

I have been a student of human potential and performance for 20 years. I have worked with hundreds of people in this field. I have gained some insight and information regarding what moves us in an immediately satisfying direction from any place. I am ever more curious (and study more daily) about our potential to manifest, do, know, feel, be, attract, imagine, be inspired to, and enjoy in every area of life.

Masterminding with someone outside of our immediate experience, someone who is positively focused in a harmonious way with our individual or shared desire/interest, has benefits that we are only beginning to tap.

This is my favorite work. I work mostly over the phone and via text (sometimes in person) with individuals when they want this kind of collaboration, applied focus, to create or enhance or attract a desired or more satisfying experience. I do some other things too. I teach workshops on techniques to get in the zone like Anyone’s Meditation, I offer in-house vibrational consulting to achieve more satisfying results, and I am available to run mastermind groups or advise people on doing so. See Details for more.







Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. – N. Hill


A person is not their thoughts, they are infinitely greater, but experience IS about thought awareness entertained. I know for sure that by entertaining and directing thought awareness deliberately, we can enjoy immediate and satisfying results in our tangible experiences in life and love. I don’t believe that there are real limits to what we can be, do, have, feel, know or attract… It’s fun to test it and experience results, like we can right now. – Coyote Karrick


You feel appreciation that can turn you inside out, ecstasy on a rather regular basis, even for you there is more.

You have complete control over the direction of your thoughts. – Abraham


So, what do you want to manifest or emphasize right now?