Hello, my name is Coyote Karrick. I write books. I use/share anyone’s meditation and other techniques for similar results. I study consciousness, manifesting, and potential in life and love. I invent things. I live my best, exhilarating life.


I work with clients on-call to affirm and mastermind.

Affirm: Clients contact me when they want me to affirm a desired manifestation/experience until satisfied. We don’t need to talk on the phone, although we can. If desired I also send my clients affirmations specific to their topic. This is an easy service to use on-the-fly as life is in motion.

Mastermind: Clients contact me when they want to have a mastermind conversation (on-the-spot or scheduled) to enjoy and leverage the flow and realization of inspired ideas, potential, attraction, and momentum.

Masterminding to me means, two or more people deliberately focused for alignment relative to the satisfying manifestation of ideas, impulses, and the unfolding of things relative to specific interests and topics.

Conversations in the zone that can have powerful and fun outcomes.

These calls last 10 to 30 minutes generally. Clients call me back to mastermind on the same topics or new topics of interest anytime they are inspired and I am available.

More in details and to be in touch/work together.

All the best now and always in motion.