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Be in touch if you are interested in on-site consulting, masterminding, or workshops.

Here are the details regarding my individual on-call work with clients:

I work with thinkers on the leading edge, focused on what’s possible, what’s wanted, and what creates (allows) inspired momentum in present experience.

I usually work with people over the phone and via text in short confidential exchanges. I sometimes will meet with clients in person.

Clients contact me when they want to discuss, affirm, create, or mastermind. On-the-fly. As they are inspired by their experience.

Calls are typically short. 1-15 minutes. Clients express what they want/are interested in and without backstory or reasons for what they want we get right to amplifying/affirming it to create desired momentum/results. Sometimes without talking, a client simply contacts me and asks me to offer affirmation regarding something that they want.

This is obviously not a form of counseling or a licensed form of therapy. My clients ought to expect immediate results from this work and if they are not satisfied look for other ways that do immediately enhance their direct experience. My clients and I are free to stop working together at any time for any reason. A simple text or email stating the desire to stop working together by either party is all it takes. Any collaboration should be a positive and inspired fit.

I work with people for 30 days at a time. During this time I am on-call whenever my client wants to text me or call me to discuss an idea, move an experience/topic, request affirmation support, or have a mastermind conversation. I charge $300 to start (non-refundable), beyond that is up to each client at the end of 30 days.

I believe that life really is liken to a game wherein active non-contradicted thought equals active and following experience.

If you are interested send me an email, I am usually able to start working with new clients right away.

Coyote Karrick

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